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Critics are shouting their praise for a deeper and more nuanced portrayal of Sicily and its history.

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“An intriguing work that embodies the ferocity of a woman wronged while contemplating complex questions of home and country.”
—Kirkus Reviews

"Treviso's engaging historical novel of revolution and revenge deepens the Puzo-fied public perception of Sicily and its history...This vigorous retelling of a 13th century Sicilian revolution will dazzle fans of historical fiction...who will find much here to relish, tremble at, and in the end cheer."
— BookLife by Publisher's Weekly (Editor's Pick)

"An action-packed, suspense-filled, captivating novel...with formidable heroines...effortlessly blending fact and fiction. Siciliana gets a standing ovation."
—Readers' Favorite (5-Star Review)

"Siciliana is a historical thriller that delivers gore with gusto and a heroine who is more than any man can handle....Readers will relish this fun medieval yarn...A captivating tale of heroism and an ode to Sicilian history."

"In this powerful and epic tale, Carlo Treviso effortlessly transports the reader to thirteenth-century Sicily to chronicle a turbulent and brutal period in the Island's history while celebrating the courage, culture, and heritage of its people. Through a richly detailed and thoughtfully presented narrative blend of imagination and actuality, Siciliana gives a vivid and fascinating account of the struggle for medieval Sicily which proves both absorbing and interesting to read."

"Perfect pacing...Gripping narrative...A superb piece of writing...Siciliana is unmissable."
—Reedsy (5-Star Review)

"A bright light shining into a dark moment in history . . . a vivid drama of hope and despair."
—John Rhodes, author of The Breaking Point series

"A stunning piece of literature that enthralled, entertained, and excited from the very first page. Impossible to put down."
—Aimee Ann, The Red Headed Book Lover

"A legendary tale of rebellion and Sicilian culture...a rousing historical thriller."
—Literary Titan

"Strong and memorable characters...Vivid and engaging...Brings to full circle the meaning of family."
—The Historical Fiction Company

"Mesmerizing and lava from a volcano." 
—PRIMO Magazine

"An expertly crafted novel that grips you in its early pages...Tense and thrilling action...Extremely cinematic...Siciliana's unique point of view gives the historical novel a distinctly feminist lens making it feel relevant to the modern day."

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